Vision Statement
“A downtown that is constantly alive and filled with people.  A downtown that is the region’s common ground, the ‘neighborhood’ everyone owns.”

Mission Statement
“Improve the vitality of downtown to create an exciting place to work, live and play.”


Aberdeen Revitalization Movement (ARM) was formed in 1998 to work with the City of Aberdeen towards the revitalization of the city, focusing on community involvement to enhance Aberdeen as a destination to shop, work and live.  ARM introduced the Downtown Park Bench program offering purchase of a dedicated bench honoring a noted individual;  Promoted the suggestion by disk jockey Johnny Manson, to pursue the placement of Walk of Fame Stars noting names of outstanding Harborites who were noted nationally,  into city sidewalks noting description on adjacent tree guards;  Helped organize the Annual Downtown Spring Clean Up;  Organized the Annual Downtown Trick or Treat;   Partnered with the City of Aberdeen to organize  the Annual Aberdeen Celebration and Art Walk.

Following a three year hiatus, ARM was reactivated in 2010.  The Community Action Group That Makes Things Happen with a new logo “ARMS Around Aberdeen” has added helping with city parks, sponsored the Disc Golf Tournament, established a Leadership Recognition Dinner, and more.  Meetings are open to the public and held at the A.R.M. office.  New life is being breathed into the organization as they are working with many local businesses and officials on a plan to make downtown Aberdeen even more attractive and vital in Grays Harbor county.  The office of A.R.M. is located at 210 South I Street in downtown Aberdeen. 


Intersection of H and Wishkah downtown Aberdeen.